[linux-lvm] aborted pvmove; how to remove locked LV "pvmove0"

Randall A. Jones rajones at svs.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 2 04:12:20 UTC 2005

I started a pvmove that was interrupted before it was finished. 
lvdisplay reports that the pvmove0 LV is still there.  Looking in 
/etc/lvm/backup/vg0 shows that pvmove0 is locked.  If I try to use 
lvremove pvmove0, it fails stating that it is locked.

Is there a way to unlock a locked LV?  Or is there a way to tell LVM 
that the pvmove operation is no longer needed so it will clean up?

Thank you,
Randall Jones     GST      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
HPC Visualization Support       http://hpcvis.gsfc.nasa.gov
Scientific Visualization Studio    http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov
rajones at svs.gsfc.nasa.gov      Code 610.3      301-286-2239

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