[linux-lvm] Failed xfs_growfs after lvextend

Nathan Scott nathans at sgi.com
Mon Nov 7 19:04:31 UTC 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 10:56:23AM -0500, Randall A. Jones wrote:
> Ok.  I looked at the things you suggested.  It seems that everything is 
> in order with the device mapper and it sees the 12.28TB device size. 
> Your getdevicesize.c code verified this with a BLKGETSIZE64 ioctl call.

Ah, excellent, sounds like that issue I had seen has been resolved.

> So, back to xfs.  Is it possible xfs_growfs is not working properly? 

Anythings possible, its unlikely though as we run it through
regression tests every day - the core functionality is sound,
its usually the interaction with drivers that gets fun.

> The result after running xfs_growfs was that the primary superblock on 
> the LV filesystem was corrupt or missing.

Do you know for sure that it wasn't corrupt/missing before running
xfs_growfs (iow, did you run repair vefore and after the extend)?

> Is there a workaround? 

Hard to say, without knowing what the problem is.

> A 12.28TB LV with xfs filesystem should work, yes?

Oh, definately.

> One idea for a workaround is to relocate the data on the misbehaving 
> LV/filesystem and recreate the LV and filesystem from scratch to avoid 
> using xfs_growfs.

It's not clear that growfs did anything wrong yet.  That approach will
also avoid use of lvextend, fwiw, and I'd expect recreate-from-scratch
will work as thats a commonly used scenario... so I guess thats your
best approach, unless you want to diagnose the problem more closely
(please do, for those who come after you...)



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