[linux-lvm] can't remove volume group

Matthias Meyer Matthias.Meyer at gmx.li
Sat Nov 19 22:12:49 UTC 2005


I have a volume group with one physical volume and I can't remove this 
volume group :-(

vdr:~# vgdisplay LVM2
--- Volume group ---
VG Name               LVM2
VG Access             read/write
VG Status             available/resizable
VG #                  1
MAX LV                256
Cur LV                0
Open LV               0
MAX LV Size           2 TB
Max PV                256
Cur PV                1
Act PV                1
VG Size               92.75 GB
PE Size               256 MB
Total PE              371
Alloc PE / Size       0 / 0
Free  PE / Size       371 / 92.75 GB
VG UUID               2Oojws-3owd-iK1X-wbpy-Mx9X-CieY-7JN0b0

vdr:~# vgreduce LVM2 /dev/hdd1
vgreduce -- can't reduce volume group "LVM2" to zero physical volumes

vdr:~# vgremove LVM2
vgremove -- ERROR: can't remove active volume group "LVM2"

What I have to do?

Thanks in advance
Don't Panic

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