[linux-lvm] uuid_fixer: pv_read(): pv_flush

Philipp Goedl goedlphilipp at www.stuwo.at
Mon Nov 21 01:25:51 UTC 2005

I wanted to free a PV for normal use, but after pvmove'ing the content to 
other pv's i managed to pvremove -ff the free partition instead of vgreduce 
it. :/

Now neither of the logical volumes actually works, so i dl'ed the uuid_fixer 
(lvm complained about not finding a volume with uuid=xy, i suppose it was 
hda2, the one i pvremove'd)

When running it i just get

pv_read(): pv_flush

and thats it.

What can i try to rescue the volume group?

Thanks in advance,

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