[linux-lvm] Reducing ext3 LV

Randy Perkins randyperkins at randyperkins.com
Thu Oct 20 21:36:46 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 14:42 +0900, Mark Sargent wrote:
> Hi All,
> new here. I'm using ext3 LVM and want to resize a 75GB LV to 20GB. How 
> is this done.? Current data = 5GB. Cheers.
> Mark Sargent.

i asked a similar question a couple weeks ago but got no response.
this is how i did it

umount /dev/path/to/lv
e2fsadm -L 20G /dev/path/to/lv

additionally i wanted to remove a disk from the LV so:

pvmove /dev/hdx
vgreduce /dev/hdx

i am by no means an lvm expert.  i joined the list to get help with my
situation, and have been hanging out. maybe this will get you pointed in
the right direction.

good luck


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