[linux-lvm] lvm.conf questions and EMC PowerPath

Allen, Jack Jack.Allen at McKesson.com
Wed Oct 26 21:23:33 UTC 2005

        I am trying to setup a system using EMC PowerPath. The SAN has 5
LUNS assigned to this system. Since there are 2 FC ports on the system
going to 2 switches that have 2 links to the SAN the system sees 20 sd
devices starting with sdb. And PowerPath cerates 5 emcpower? name in
/dev. The sda device is local.

        One problem I have now is, at boot time the system complains
about duplicate PVs being found. A VG was created with the emcpower?
names, but after reboot when you do vgdisplay it shows the emcpower?
names and lost of the sd? names in the VG.

1) What filter do I need in lvm.conf to allow sda and emcpower?, but
reject all the other sdb and up name. I have tried many different one,
but can not eliminate the sd? device names.

2) Does the system have to be rebooted for the filter to work with the
various LVM commands, vgdisplay, vgscan? 

        Jack Allen 

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