[linux-lvm] 2TB partition size limit in LVM2? Or ReiserFS?

Mike Kirk mike.kirk at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 23 20:08:56 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've used LVM2 in the past, and have followed the steps in the LVM HOWTO, but have run into problems trying to grow a reiser3 filesystem. The filesystem has worked fine for several months, but now I'm trying to make it larger...

I've added a pv and am showing free PE's:

     --- Volume group ---
      VG Name               vg
      System ID
      Format                lvm2
      Metadata Areas        2
      Metadata Sequence No  11
      VG Access             read/write
      VG Status             resizable
      MAX LV                0
      Cur LV                1
      Open LV               1
      Max PV                0
      Cur PV                2
      Act PV                2
      VG Size               2.44 TB
      PE Size               4.00 MB
      Total PE              639113
      Alloc PE / Size       320597 / 1.22 TB
      Free  PE / Size       318516 / 1.22 TB
      VG UUID               bADYIh-N4mr-LTJS-5h6b-izph-pgpT-exoOTh

....and I can plug those free PE's into lvextend:

    lvextend -l+318516 /dev/vg/lv
    >  Extending logical volume lv to 2.44 TB
    >  Logical volume lv successfully resized

....but resize_reiserfs gives errors:

    resize_reiserfs /dev/vg/lv
    > resize_reiserfs 3.6.19 (2003 www.namesys.com)
    > bread: Cannot read the block (328029183): (Invalid argument).
    > reiserfs_open: Your partition is not big enough to contain the
    > filesystem of (328029183) blocks as was specified in the found super block.

Nothing is written to syslog when resize_reiserfs runs. How can I tell if this is a LVM2 error providing wrong sizes... or if it's reiserfs tools having the problems? If I lvreduce things to the initial size I can remount things OK, and reiserfsck reports no errors.

This is an AMD2700+ system running, a ReiserFS3 3.6 filesystem w/ v3.6.19 reiserfsprogs, and LVM2 v2.01.09 utils

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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