[linux-lvm] Rescuing LVM Partition

Daniel Khan d.khan at ventigo.com
Sun Oct 30 19:31:41 UTC 2005

one of my disks went broke and I don't have a backup for everything.
I was using LVM and /dev/vg/home with ReiserFS on it is damaged.
Currently I am creating an image of /dev/vg/home using dd_rescue.
The only thing I need to know is, if this is supposed to work with a LVM
Is the dump of /dev/vg/home a normal (pure) ReiserFS image like if I would
dump a regular /dev/hdaX or does it contain some kind of LVM metadata?
Should I better dump the whole LVM partition (/dev/hda3) or is my way of
accessing the vg the way to go?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Daniel Khan

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