[linux-lvm] Can LVM2 and CLVM co-exist

Patrick Caulfield pcaulfie at redhat.com
Mon Oct 31 09:59:56 UTC 2005

Edward Muller wrote:
> On Friday 28 October 2005 02:19 am, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>>Edward Muller wrote:
>>>I have a system using LVM2 and recently setup a CORAID (www.coraid.com)
>>>device. I'd like to use CLVM to manage the volumes on the device. But
>>>someone mentioned that LVM2 and CLVM may be incompatible.
>>What exactly are you trying to do?
>>LVM2 & CLVM can't be incompatible - they are the same thing! installing the
>>lvm2-cluster RPM doesn't replace any LVM2 components, it provides a new
>>locking method for clustered VGs and a daemon to distribute the commands
>>across the cluster.
> What's an RPM? :-)
> j/k - This is on gentoo linux and it's a separate package and doesn't depend 
> on the lvm package.
> But on investigating further I see that they compile lvm with clvm in that 
> package. Presumably so you can have different versions of clvm and lvm 
> installed. Why you would want to do that I don't know. 

That sounds more like a dangerous idea than a feature !
clvmd & lvm2 really ought to be kept in sync.



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