[linux-lvm] Merge logical volume

Subhan subhan at asp.co.id
Wed Sep 14 00:52:59 UTC 2005

Hello guys,

im new in this LVM, i wanna ask how to merge two logical volume in
lvm..i've read the doc but still dunno how to do it...the doc say to use
lvmerge to merge the logival volume.. but i cant find that command in
mybox...btw im currently using redhat 9... here the list of my
partition...  as we see in this case i want to merge the /usr partition 
to / partition.

Filesystem               Size  Used  Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/Volume01/LogVol01   3.9G  3.4G  300M  92%  /
/dev/sda1                 76M  9.5M   63M  14%  /boot
/dev/Volume01/LogVol02   9.9G  1.7G  7.7G  18%  /home
none                     567M     0  567M   0%  /dev/shm
/dev/Volume01/LogVol00   2.9G  1.5G  1.3G  55%  /usr

Thanks before for all u guys.....


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