[linux-lvm] VGDA Question

Markus Baertschi markus at markus.org
Wed Sep 14 20:20:16 UTC 2005

Rik Herrin wrote:

> According to the LVM man page, the VGDA (Volume Group
>Descriptor Area) holds the metadata responsible for
>keeping information about the LVs.  However, it is
>contained in the PVs.  Why does the VGDA contain both
>LV descriptors and PE descriptors?
Because there are LV's with PE's and both types of information must be 
stores somewhere.

>  Shouldn't it just
>have PE descriptors and leave the LV descriptors to
>the volume group ?
The VGDA is where the volume group information is stored. The LV info is 
therefore exactly where it belongs.

>  Also, when booting, what makes the
>kernel know that there are VGs and LVs?
The vgscan command is run during boot (from a rc file) and it detects 
the volumegroups and makes them available.

>  Does it look
>at the type of the partition and if it detects that
>it's a PV, extract the VGDA to help it build this

>  If this is so, how does it deal with
>entire harddisks.  For example, if I run the command:
>pvcreate /dev/sdd
>how would the kernel know that this is a PV?. 
If you use the enire harddisk, then there is no traditional partition 
table. In this case the vgscan command looks if the entire disk is a PV.

>Finally, where exactly is the VGDA information held?.
At the beginning of the disk/partition you created with pvcreate.


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