[linux-lvm] LVM disk from another system.

Sam Rogers srogers at redshift.com
Wed Sep 14 16:51:43 UTC 2005

I have a disk create with LVM 1 on another system and is in the form of 
a removable disk format. I want to put into another (which is running 
LVM 2) system. How do I recognize it and mount it. Also under LVM 1 we 
could change the group and volume names and so I did with vg00 being the 
group name and lvol01 be the volume name. Under LVM 2 it seems to not 
like that. I will submit another e-mail on the whole subject as well.

I suspect that I may have to do a vgscan or something, but I am not sure 
if it will work on a LVM system scanning a LVM create volume.

Please be detailed in you description of how to do this by giving 
command examples. One liners will most like not help.

Thank you,

    Sam Rogers.

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