[Fwd: [linux-lvm] EMERGENCY: killing pvmove]

Sebastian sebastian at alice-it.net
Mon Sep 19 12:44:31 UTC 2005

And, more important, what is worse: to put the sane data on an insane pv 
using pvmove, or
to kill the pvmove command leaving a few unreadable sectors?

I'm prefering version #2 at the moment, I will apply it shortly before 
the new pv will be used.

-------- Original Message --------

After that -- everything went ok, even resizing the ext3 partition -- I
got Input/Output errors while writing to the newly resized partition
(writing to the extended part of the partition). As realising this, I
put all the data off this partition, deleted it and was then trying to
remove the Raid subsystem with pvmove. While doing "pvmove /dev/sdg" I
just got an "segmentation fault".

How to stop it? Is a SIGTERM or SIGKILL allowed? Pleas help, I'm running
out of time!

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