[linux-lvm] LVM Status?

Don Shesnicky don.shesnicky at liquidcomputing.com
Sun Sep 25 15:15:57 UTC 2005

How do you check the status of an LVM set of disks in RHEL3 and 4?
The LVM FAQ mentions that you should have a /proc/lvm but my default
RHEL3 and 4 systems do not have this directory in /proc and doing a
Modprobe for lvm-mod does not create one. On an RHEL4 test system I
do see an lvm tool but it doesn't show the status. 

Is there a page for the redhat archives?


>From the LVM FAQ:

"If your kernel was compiled with the /proc file system (most are) then
can verify that LVM is present by looking for a /proc/lvm directory. If
doesn't exist then you may have to load the module with the command
 # modprobe lvm-mod 


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