[linux-lvm] Help - cant bring Volume Group online!!!!!!

Musard, Kris Kris.Musard at spirentcom.com
Tue Sep 27 15:10:04 UTC 2005

I had a temporary disk failure on a software RAID5 device yesterday
containing a volume group "hekvg".  I was able to bring my RAID5 online
using mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 --force, but now my LVM volume group refuses
to vary on.  Here are my errors:

lnxsrv2:root> vgscan
vgscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
vgscan -- found active volume group "vg00"
vgscan -- ERROR "pv_read_pe(): read" can't get data of volume group "hekvg"
from physical volume(s)
vgscan -- "/etc/lvmtab" and "/etc/lvmtab.d" successfully created
vgscan -- WARNING: This program does not do a VGDA backup of your volume

lnxsrv2:root> vgimport /dev/hekvg /dev/md0
vgimport -- ERROR "pv_read(): multiple device" reading physical volume

lnxsrv2:root> pvcreate -ff /dev/md0
pvcreate -- really INITIALIZE physical volume "/dev/md0" of volume group
"hekvg" [y/n]? y
pvcreate -- WARNING: forcing physical volume creation on "/dev/md0" of
volume group "hekvg"
pvcreate -- physical volume "/dev/md0" successfully created

lnxsrv2:root> vgcfgrestore -n hekvg -f /etc/lvmconf/hekvg.conf /dev/md0
vgcfgrestore -- ERROR "pv_write_pe(): write" storing VGDA of "hekvg" on

lnxsrv2:root> vgchange -a y /dev/hekvg
vgchange -- volume group "hekvg" does not exist

lnxsrv2:root> pvdisplay -v /dev/md0
--- Physical volume ---
PV Name               /dev/md0
VG Name               hekvg
PV Size               949.58 GB [1991416320 secs] / NOT usable 5.06 MB [LVM:
1.05 MB]
PV#                   1
PV Status             available
Allocatable           yes (but full)
Cur LV                8
PE Size (KByte)       4096
Total PE              243091
Free PE               0
Allocated PE          243091
PV UUID               MAfau0-qK8F-oNAg-gfH9-dw7s-lU3a-PftQTo
pvdisplay -- ERROR "pv_read_pe(): read" reading physical extent information

This is a production server which I need to get back online ASAP.  If anyone
can provide any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,

Kris Musard
Senior Software Analyst
Service Assurance - Broadband
15200 Omega Drive, 2nd Floor
Rockville, MD 20850-3240 USA
Office: +1 301.417.6464
Fax: +1 301.590.3662
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kris.musard at spirentcom.com

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