[linux-lvm] LVM over IP network

Sander Steffann s.steffann at computel.nl
Sat Apr 8 23:19:37 UTC 2006

  I have 10 Dell workstation on a LAN. Each  workstation has 80
  GB hard drive. Two workstations consumed most of the disk space and
  remaining eight workstations still has plenty of disk space unused.


  What I want basically, if I could just collect those 800 GB
  excess space (not utilized) and assign it to the work stations starving
  for disk space. Is this achievable through LVM or EVMS?
I would never do something like this. You make each workstation dependent on all the other workstations. If one of them is turned off, crashes, dies, etc. your other workstations lose their data. Disks are cheap these days. Just buy an extra drive for the workstations that need it.

Good luck,
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