[linux-lvm] Stability of pvresize

Louis Guillaume lguillaume at berklee.edu
Sat Dec 2 17:18:39 UTC 2006


I've seen a couple messages recently about pvresize. Since I'm about to
implement a system that might depend on this functionality, I'd like to
know whether it works well!!!

Here's the scenario:

  . Using an San.
  . A meta-LUN is created consisting of 2 `real' LUNs.
  . Meta-LUN is incorporated as a PV on the Linux Host.
  . We add a third LUN to the meta-LUN on the SAN.

This is where pvresize is supposed to come in. Once the PV is resized,
is the VG automatically aware of the new PEs? Are there any pitfalls in
this scheme?

The alternative is to not use meta-LUNs and just add a new PV as needed
and vgextend. But this puts more work on the server's CPU. Opinions?


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