[linux-lvm] LVM problem - how to recover?

Richard Kampmann Richard.Kampmann at freenet.de
Sun Dec 3 13:26:24 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

I'm a bit disappointed, because there was really no feedback to my mail.

The situation is a real problem for me - is there anything missing? Or is 
there no way to recover (can't believe that ...)?
Wrong way or place to ask? Then please tell me where to go ...

I tried to find a solution myself (also with help of Google ...), but it did 
not help me.


Richard Kampmann

Am Dienstag, 28. November 2006 21:15 schrieb Richard Kampmann:
> Hi everybody ...
> I recently had a lvm crash from which I now have to recover. So now I need
> your help ...
> The system is a SUSE 10.1 system with actual patches.
> # uname -rio
> i386 GNU/Linux
> # lvm version
>   LVM version:     2.02.02 (2006-02-07)
>   Library version: 1.02.03 (2006-02-08)
>   Driver version:  4.5.0
> #
> There was the unenlightened crash and before there was a volume goup
> spanning two physical partitions (sda2, sdb2), each on one physical disk
> (sda, sdb). The system froze (maybe in coincidence with some
> snapshot-handling) and I had to press the reset button. When rebooting lvm
> told me he could not open the volume group because one pv was missing. The
> partition looked OK when checking the partition table. I tried several
> things - and to do a vgcfgrestore but it did not help.
> The volume group (system_vg) contained the root partition, so I installed a
> new system on a third disc and tried to recover the old volume group.
> Unfortunately when doing the pvcreate for the two physical volumes I did
> NOT choose the "--zero n" switch.
> Fact is: I now have the volume group containing two physical discs and two
> physical volumes with the correct PV UUIDs. But the first sectors are
> zeroed, aren't they?
> Any way to recover the LVs of the old volume group? A vgcfgrestore (YES,
> there was a vgcfgbackup before!) does not work ... bad luck.
> Ah - and all logical volumes contain Reiser Filesystems V 3.6 - they MUST
> still be there ...
> So - what could be my next steps?
> Bye
> Richard Kampmann
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