[linux-lvm] LVM2 and OCFS2

Michael Lessard michael.lessard at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 00:11:52 UTC 2006

Thanks Patrick !  I appreciate and now understand why LVM are not cluster
aware !

 have good week !


On 12/11/06, Patrick Caulfield <pcaulfie at redhat.com> wrote:
> Michael Lessard wrote:
> > Hi Everyboy !
> >
> >  I read that LVM2 is not cluster aware (specially with OCFS2) from
> > different post on internet forum... If it's true, could someone could
> > confirm this information and point me where i can find this affirmation
> > in documentention ?
> >
> >  I do some test with OCFS2 on LVM2 and it's seems to run correctly , so
> > i have some interrogation about this fact !
> It's true that lvm is not cluster-aware. What that means is that if you
> update the volume groups on one node then the other nodes in
> the cluster will not see the changes and you could end up with the block
> devices on the machines dangerously out of sync.
> What you tried (it seems to me) is just created LVM volumes and run OCFS2
> on them. that /will/ work provided you never change the
> volume groups!
> To get clustered LVM you need to use clvm (RPM package lvm2-cluster) which
> synchronises LVM metadata updates across the cluster.
> This only works with Red Hat cluster suite though - you would need you
> write your own cluster management plugin for OCFS2 if you
> wanted to use that (hard, but not impossible). Of course, RHCS does offer
> GFS as the cluster filesystem, if that's what you really need!
> --
> patrick
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