[linux-lvm] recovering volumes

Joel Rees joel_rees at sannet.ne.jp
Sun Dec 24 09:40:41 UTC 2006

Using Fedora Core 5 I had a volume group on /dev/hda3 and added a  
logical volume on /dev/hde3. Didn't read the how to, didn't know it's  
a no-no. Decided to play with Ubuntu, and thought I'd set up logical  
volumes for it on /dev/hde2. Apparently, I wiped out the headers on / 
dev/hde3 and then the entire logical group for FC5 refused to mount.  
In attempting to recover the headers I've apparently wiped out the  
headers for the whole volume group -- pvcreate using a recovery  
option or something that I failed to follow with some generate  
command, if I remember right. Also, I set up a volume group on /dev/ 
hde2 and loaded FC6 into that since I was feeling burned by Ubuntu at  
the time.

Any guesses at how badly I'm screwed? or pointers to more information  
than can be found on the how-to pages?

Not really life-or-death data lost, but I had been using it to back  
up the digital camera and there were about a months worth of my kids  
experiments that I don't have a backup of. Also, it would be a useful  
exercise for me, in terms of gaining confidence in lvm, if there were  
some way to recover the headers just from the stuff in /etc/lvm .

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