[linux-lvm] Mirror between different SAN fabrics

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Wed Dec 27 12:15:40 UTC 2006

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> I can't think of any Volume Manager that would let you mirror 
> disks from 2 separate VGs... 
Maybe not from 2 separate VGs but they add an additional level to group
PVs together. With HP-UX you can use "lvcreate -m -s g" to use different
PV-groups for the mirror. With Tru64 as far as I know you can use a Plex
to create a PV-group (should be similar with Veritas)
> But other than that I wouldn't see why you couldn't use 2 
> different fabrics, they're just disks to LVM... If you're 
> having trouble managing 200+ PVs, just build the LV first 
> using only disks from 1 fabric, then make the second fabric 
> available/visible, and add a mirror using only those disks... 
> I think that would work... 
That's an idea, but when I'm adding 4 more disks (eg. disk1 and disk2
from fabric1, disk3 and disk4 from fabric2), how can I tell LVM to
mirror Disk1,2 to Disk3,4 and not to mirror Disk1 to Disk2?

Regards Mathias

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