[linux-lvm] Copying LVM from one system to another

Shaun Mccullagh Shaun.Mccullagh at xb.nl
Mon Jul 10 14:01:27 UTC 2006


I would like to copy an entire volume group to another PC with identical
hardware and the same disc config.

I would like to do this using a method like this:

Boot destination PC from a USB stick with a full copy of RH ES v4 on it.

Create a Volume Group and all necessary Logical Volumes etc on
destination hard discs so that they are the same sizes as on the source.
All the filesystems associated with these logical volumes will be mount
under /restore.

Restore all the data that was on the source to the destination to

Note that /restore/boot is a small primary partition.

Once I have done this, do I copy /etc/lvm to /restore/etc/lvm, and then
chroot /restore, then do vgscan? Finally label the discs, exec grub,
then reboot

I guess the last bit is wrong?



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