[linux-lvm] Copying LVM from one system to another

Shaun Mccullagh Shaun.Mccullagh at xb.nl
Tue Jul 11 19:50:34 UTC 2006

Hi Dieter,
I will try this idea out and post the results to the list. 
Many thanks

In your case, I would suggest to create an independent volume group on the other
disk with a different VG-name. The LVs may have the same names on both VGs.
If you put them into different hosts, you may synchronize/backup them via network.
Else you may put both VGs into the same hosts without problems, mounting the LVs manually
and copy the data directly.

Don't worry about any config-files to save. You may connect any LVM disk to any IDE
port and it should be recognized automatically.

If you move an VG from one host to an other, you should do an "vgexport" first.
I don't know if this is still necessary with LVM2. I accidentally moved VGs back
and forth even without using lvexport and did not found a problem.


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