[linux-lvm] Whats happens? -> remove first phy disk from lvm

Dieter Stüken stueken at conterra.de
Wed Jul 12 10:02:56 UTC 2006

Denny Schierz wrote:
> i created a lvm volume over two partitions, hda8 and hdc8. Now hda8 is
> broken and have to replace the disk. 
> on the lvm where several files. My questions, if i create a volume over
> more than one partition, is that a stipe? Or does lvm use the first
> partition, than the second?

have a look into /etc/lvm/backup/ to see how your VG was organized.

> on the lvm where several files.

You mean several "LVs"? If you have one big LV spread over both disks
it will be difficult to restore any files from the broke file system
within that LV.

Consider using smartmontools to monitor disk errors before it fails completely.



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