[linux-lvm] SAN setup with host mirrored disks

Fiederling, Daniel daniel.fiederling at warema.de
Wed Jul 12 22:04:01 UTC 2006


I'm relatively new to SAN setup with linux boxes, so maybe this is a
very easy question. Today I set up a linux box with two qlogic hbas,
each one is connected to a EMC Clarion. So I got two disks (/dev/sda and
/dev/sdb) from my storages that I have to mirror on the host system.
There is on mirror set up in the san environment!

How can I set up mirroring of the two disks if I want to use lvm for the
ease of later disk expansion? If I use raidtools (md-stuff) will it be
possible to expand the two disks and the logical disk without data loss?
What are the needed steps if I have to increase the disk space? First
expand the md devices through raidreconf and then expand the volume
group and file system? As far as I read the man pages raidreconf only
works with raid 0 and 5. It seems to me as if I'm not on the right

Is it possible to use lvm for mirroring physical volumes? If this is
possible I expect that this will be the better solution.

Hope someone can tell me about his experiences with such an scenario.


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