[linux-lvm] compatibility between RAID and LVM

Denny Schierz cuall at gmx.de
Wed Jul 19 12:29:05 UTC 2006


Am Mittwoch, den 19.07.2006, 08:15 +0000 schrieb ramsis farhat:

> I'm trying to use RAID and LVM for an UNIX server, and I don't know what type of file system I should choose.
> Also, I don't know if LVM is compatible whith any type of RAID.

google has a lot of examples with mdraid and lvm. I use it it too since
a few month without any problems. I had only a problem with a bug in
2.6.16 and lvm snapshots.

So, i'm sure that you have also success to get md and lvm running too.

cu denny

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