[linux-lvm] fc4 lvm2 snapshot problem

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Tue Jul 25 22:04:10 UTC 2006

/ 2006-07-25 13:34:02 +0200
\ Dennis Ortsen:
> However when I shoot down udevd (udev-071-0.FC4.3) I can create as many snapshot
> devices as I like. Until the udevd daemon has been respawned. Then it all stops
> working (the creation of snapshot volumes). When I disable udev in
> /etc/rc.sysinit (place comments before start_udev and udevsend) and reboot, I
> can create snapshot volumes a dozen of times without problems. Until I manually
> start udevd. Then the fun is over. When I kill udevd again, I can continue
> creating snapshot volumes. Both servers (the one that works and the one that
> doesn't) have the exact same versions of the kernel, lvm2,
> device-mapper and udev.
> My best guess is udev that is messing about. I don't know whether I can safely
> disable udev on a production server. But more importantly: what can I
> do to get this properly fixed? Am I missing an important update? Are
> there any known conflicts with other packages or third party software
> (such as roxen)? Is there anyone who has similar problems?

maybe its the same problem?
excerpt from my /etc/udev/udev.rules:

# device mapper creates its own device nodes, so ignore these
#lge: see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=343671
#KERNEL=="dm-[0-9]*",           NAME=""
KERNEL=="dm-[0-9]*",            OPTIONS+="ignore_device"
KERNEL=="device-mapper",        NAME="mapper/control"

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