[linux-lvm] Strange pvmove problem

Dieter Stüken stueken at conterra.de
Fri Jul 28 13:13:11 UTC 2006

Dariush Forouher wrote:
> I'm trying to move PEs away from two PVs (because I want to remove the
> disks from the system), but pvmove always fails:

I had some problems with pvmove some time ago, if the PV to empty
contained parts from several different LVs. But this was due to some 
old bug with a 2.6.12 or 13 kernel. May be it's interesting to have
a look into /etc/lvm/backup/LVM and the associated backups,
to understand whats going on.

To overcome the problem of hanging LVM I shut down my server and
performed a "pvmove --abort" in single user mode while the LVM was
not activated. This restored it to the state before.


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