[linux-lvm] root partition

ramsis farhat sismar2002 at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 29 08:17:33 UTC 2006

Hello every body. I'm student and I have training in a company that wants to put LVM partitions in its server.
The problem is that they do not want to format the hard disk.
For the moment, I'm working on a virtual machine with Red Hat Entreprise 3.
I'm working with 2 hard disks of 8GB. The first is partitioned like this
sda1 boot (101 MB)
sda2 /      (7400MB)
sda3 swap (573 MB)
I followed exactly the steps in the LVM-HOWTO excepted that I added the second Hard disk sdb.
I made a lvm partion sdb1 and I put all the root data on it.
Then, I had 2 problems. The first is that the RAM disk can't be created because of the lack of space ( I'm not sure of that)
And the second is that the server is using GRUB and not LILO, so I don't know How rebooting on the new root file.
If anybody have any suggestion, and thank you for your help.

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