[linux-lvm] lvextend - device-mapper: create ioctl failed: Device or resource busy\nFailed to suspend

Daniel dragonheart at gentoo.org
Wed Mar 1 12:25:02 UTC 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 07:50 am, Zac Slade wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 February 2006 05:02, Daniel wrote:
> > Guessing the additional info didn't help and there is no easy way to
> > reset the state.
> Not really unfortunately.

Feature request :-)

> I have been thinking about this a lot though.  
> I've never seen it and I'm not sure what the next move really is.

Tough ones.

> Someone 
> did suggest (and sorry for not posting sooner) that you should run lsof
> against /dev/mapper/control and see if something is keeping it open.

nothing open.

> Hopefully this will work.  I guess you were able to remove an lv previously
> so you shouldn't have an issue doing this. 

Can't remember how I did exactly. I'm sure it was just a lvm learning 
experience. I should have less problems this time (I'm jinking myself here 
I'm sure)

> One thing you didn't answer 
> (and I didn't ask) is if you had problems extending any other lvs. 

Didn't try that until just then. Arg  - same error.

> The 
> output of all the tools show the devices in a good state, so to me it just
> doesn't make sense. 

Other suggestions welcome. I'm almost considering a vanilla kernel just to 

Won't be today though. Need to get an alternate going - filesystem full is a 
bad error for a backup program. At least I've got twice the space even if I 
can't extend.

Daniel Black <dragonheart at gentoo.org>
Gentoo Crypto/dev-embedded/Forensics/NetMon
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