[linux-lvm] LVM drive changed from USB to Firewire

Joel Gwynn joelman at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 20:27:41 UTC 2006

Thanks.  It turns out that on Debian the hotplug scripts run after the
mount scripts, so I ended up taking the LVM entries out of fstab
altogether and adding a script to do the vgscan, vgchange and mount.

On 2/27/06, kelsey hudson <khudson at tsss.org> wrote:
> David Brown wrote:
> >>The problem is that the drive is not found at boot anymore, and an
> >>error is raised because it can't be mounted. But if I do a vgscan,
> >>then a vgchage -ay, then mount -a, all is well and my volumes are
> >>mounted.
> >>
> >>How do I tell LVM to look at the firewire card instead of the usb controller?
> >
> > LVM should look at all of the devices.
> >
> > Most likely the firewire interface/driver takes longer to startup than the
> > USB does, and the drive isn't visible when the startup scripts do their
> > vgscan.
> i've had a bunch of success with one machine on which I run LVM by
> simply adding a 5-second wait period between the time the kernel calls
> /sbin/init and it begins executing the contents of whatever rc script
> init starts at your desired runlevel (add 'sleep 5' to the beginning of
> this script). kernel threads are great in some circumstances (like
> improving boot speed), but sometimes i guess you could say it boots too
> fast for its own good!
> just a side note though: my experience with ieee1394 under linux has
> been less-than-satisfactory: i can't seem to get a decent aggregate raw
> transfer rate of >11MByte/sec, no matter what hardware i use. i've since
>   switched back to usb2.0, even though usb is completely and wholly the
> wrong transport to use for mass storage devices :(
> if you can get your disks working faster than this, please let me know
> how you did it. :)
> thanks
> -kelsey
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