[linux-lvm] Detecting device growth (SAN environment)

Chris Black cblack at eragen.com
Fri Mar 17 05:40:33 UTC 2006

Hello all, I have a SAN environment that is working fine but I seem to 
be unable to see new space added to the LUNs via the SAN console. I have 
googled a LOT and even came across this old thread on this list from 
over a year ago:

My main problem seems to be that I can not find a way to get the OS to 
see the new size of the LUN, even after rescanning the SCSI bus, running 
fdisk, doing pvscan, etc. I even tried the suggested blockdev --rereadpt 
/dev/sdx command but I got a BLKRRPART: Device or resource busy, even 
tho there is nothing on the device.

Does anyone have any clues on how to get Linux (2.6 kernel, SuSE Linux 
Enterprise Server) to notice that an underlying scsi LUN has changed in 

Thanks in advance,

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