[linux-lvm] migration to hardware raid

Dieter Stüken stueken at conterra.de
Mon Mar 20 12:14:33 UTC 2006

I run 3 VGs of 1-3TB each and I'm about to migrate them to a hardware 
raid (3ware). Using individual disks, expanding my VGs was easy. Using
hardware raid, it get a single huge PV instead, that simply grows, if
I ever extend the underlaying raid. From the previous discussions it 
seems, "pvresize" is still beta, but will be available soon.

Alternatively I may think of creating partitions on this raid-PV. Thus I 
will get additional PVs (partitions) when growing my raid. But I dislike 
to depend on this stone-aged DOS-partitioning system (if it is capable 
to handle 4-10Tb disks at all). Should I consider other partition systems?

After the decision to use or not to use partitioning, it will be 
difficult to change it on later.

Any advice?

I'm using an PE-size of 32MB (and lvm2 of course). Does this limit my 
max VG size? I already find one of my VGs with a "total PE 0 = 71538", 
thus it seems not to be limited to 65536, as with LVM1, any more.


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