[linux-lvm] LVM2 with disks greater than 2TB

Dan lvm at the-rusty-nail.com
Tue Mar 28 18:02:50 UTC 2006

What concerns me is if I just try and make a single 4.54TB partition as 
reiserfs without using LVM2 and mount it, it still only shows up as 
~560GB using df -h.  This makes me think it maybe an os issue.  Any 

Barnaby Claydon wrote:
> Dan wrote:
>> I have 24 - 500GB drives raided such that 11 drives + 1 hot spare per 
>> raid to get 4.54TB times 2.  I want to use LVM2 to make this into one 
>> ~9TB disk, but when I create the partitions and do a df -h they show 
>> up as about 560GB each instead of 4.5TB each.  I do an fdisk -l and 
>> they show up correctly.  I am using Slackware 10.0.  I have 
>> device-mapper and LVM2 correctly installed.  I am obviously hitting a 
>> 2TB limit from what I have read, but does anyone know if it is 
>> possible to even do what I want?  If so, any suggestions on what I 
>> need to install to get this to work?  I am running the 
>> kernel.  Thanks
> Dan, from the LVM2 FAQ ( 
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/lvm2faq.html ) it mentions:
> * For 32-bit CPUs on 2.6 kernels, the maximum LV size is 16TB.
> * For 64-bit CPUs on 2.6 kernels, the maximum LV size is 8EB. (Yes, 
> that is a very large number.)
> From what I recall when I built my last LVM, it's a matter of setting 
> the PE size during creation (hopefully you haven't started filling 
> with data yet). I think the default causes you to hit the 2TB limit, 
> but it can definitely be set higher. The default PE Size seems to 
> depend on Linux distribution, but mine is at 4MB and I'm at 1.5TB 
> right now so the references to a 32MB default would definitely get you 
> to 9TB.
> Sorry I can't offer any other specifics - hope that helps.
> -Barnaby
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