[linux-lvm] Two Plorilant servers (Redhat) trying to access a HP MSA1000

Edgar Luna eald at linuxuanl.org
Thu May 4 18:50:06 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I have two servers with RedHat EL3 connected to an HP MSA1000. What I
want with this servers write/read the disks from the MSA1000.

I know that LVM is unaware of simultaneous access to one device, so I
tried to divide the storage of MSA1000 in two units (created via the ACU
application), that are seen by the RedHat servers as /dev/sda
and /dev/sdb. Then I created a Physical Volume for each one a Logical
Group and finally a Logical Volume for each of this.

I want an advice about this.
What would you do in my situation?
This works? I mean with this I can workaround the LVM 'problem' of
unaware of simultaneous access?
Is possible to access the Hard Drives in the MSA1000 directly from Linux
so I can make the LVM directly on disks?

I can't use GFS or that like because I can't afford to have only one
point of failure.

Thanks anyway.

Edgar Luna <eald at linuxuanl.org>
Linux UANL

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