[linux-lvm] Cant remove a locked volume

Jason Wilson jay at kylesfamily.com
Sun May 7 11:17:20 UTC 2006


I have managed to get one of my systems into a bit of a mess. It a Fedora
Core 5 running with recent patches.

During an attempted pvmove from one physical volume to another I had my
server crash (not sure exactly what, may have been a power fluctuation).

When attempting to reboot the server it would fail to mount the root
filesystem. After much messing around I finally determined that it was
failing to mount as my new disk was on a SATA card I had just added and
the initrd did not have the relevant driver loaded.

In sorting this out I rolled back my lvm configuration to a version
prior to me attempting the pvmove.

The problem I now has is when I try and remove one the volumes that was
in the middle of the pvmove it says the volume is locked:
    # lvremove /dev/VolGroup00/swap
    Can't remove locked LV swap

A lvs shows:
    # lvs /dev/VolGroup00/swap
    LV   VG         Attr   LSize Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy% 
    swap VolGroup00 -wI-a- 2.00G 

>From the man pages it says that the capital 'I' means the volume is

I cannot find anywhere to remove this lock. I have tried changing the
allocation, this works, but the lock persists.

In the lgcfgbackup file I can see:
    swap {
	    id = "6IBwtq-sw2f-4Bss-A7W5-D1J2-XiAR-XHSlnJ"
	    status = ["READ", "WRITE", "VISIBLE", "LOCKED"]
	    segment_count = 1

	    segment1 {
		    start_extent = 0
		    extent_count = 64       # 2 Gigabytes

		    type = "striped"
		    stripe_count = 1        # linear

		    stripes = [
			    "pv0", 3509

Is there any way I can remove these locks? Can I edit the file and
manually reload the config with vgcfgrestore? Will this other

Your help is appreciated.


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