[linux-lvm] uuid incorrect for drive in LVM after running fdisk on new drive

Brian Kelly brian_kelly_at_home at yahoo.com
Fri May 12 18:03:12 UTC 2006

I am running FC4, kernel 2.6.14-1.1644_FC4smp, using lvm 2.01.08.  I have a LVM volume group which has 6 physical drives for a total of 1.5TB. I was adding a seventh drive.  

I powered down the machine and added a SATA drive to my four port promise controller (sda was already part of the LVM and a 400GB drive).  I was now adding sdb (also 400GB).  I booted up the machine, dmesg reported it was there and my normal LVM mounted ok.  All looked fine in dmesg.  So I went about my proceedure to add this drive:

$fdisk /dev/sdb

created a new primary partition and wrote it.

This all seemed to go ok.  However, once I tried doing a vgscan now, I had a problem.  I got messages of this type:

  Couldn't find device with uuid 'YGcFW9-G7tz-40nM-1tir-MXAx-CJBn-bngtXg'.
  Couldn't find all physical volumes for volume group VolGroup10.

Mind you, I haven't done anything that would start the process of adding this to the LVM.  THe above uuid is for my sda 400GB drive.

I used fdisk to view the partition tables for the various drives that make up this LVM.  I found sda had a missing partition table!  This was my first SATA drive that was already in the LVM array and is attached to the same controller for the new drive I was adding: sdb.  So, I decided to disconnect the new drive, sdb, and do a reboot.  The LVM didn't mount, but fdisk at least showed a partition table for sda.  

Now with the new drive not connected, I find that pvscan shows me an 'unknown device' with the same size as my SATA drive (sda and sdb are both 400GB drives).

  PV /dev/hda2        VG VolGroup00   lvm2 [7.75 GB / 32.00 MB free]
  PV /dev/hdi1        VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [232.88 GB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/hdk1        VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [232.88 GB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/hdc1        VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [232.88 GB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/hde1        VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [232.88 GB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/hdg1        VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [232.88 GB / 384.00 MB free]
  PV unknown device   VG VolGroup10   lvm2 [372.59 GB / 0    free]
  PV /dev/sda1                        lvm2 [372.61 GB]
  Total: 8 [1.87 TB] / in use: 7 [1.51 TB] / in no VG: 1 [372.61 GB]
As I read the above it looks like the 'unknown device' should be sda1.  When I run 'pvscan -u' to get the uuid I see that the 'unknown device' has the same uuid as the given in the errors above for the device it couldn't find.  And now sda1 seems to have a new uuid.  Though I don't have a printout of what pvscan would have given prior to this.

I know that sda1 was entirely full, should be reporting 0 free.  Also, now it looks like it thinks it should be 1.87 TB, when really it should be 1.5TB.  

It appears that the device with the specific uuid above must be my sda1 drive.  I believe if I could force sda1 to have a different uuid I might get this to work.  It appears the drive is there... but I'm afraid of losing all that is on it.  And am not sure what the safest way to proceed is.  Please advise.  Does anyone know how to force the uuid value for that drive?  Is that the safest route?   Is there a way of changing the LVM metadata to look to the new uuid and not the old?  Is there anything I can do with the archive and backup directories under /etc/lvm?

I've found that the /etc/lvm/archive/VolumeGroupName_XXXXX.vg
backup file lists the bngtXg uuid as /dev/sda not /dev/sda1.  Not sure if that's significant or not.

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