[linux-lvm] errors using mkinitrd: cannot stat lvm2/vgwrapper

George Nychis gnychis at cmu.edu
Tue May 16 15:54:41 UTC 2006


I am having trouble booting a 2.4.32 kernel with fedora core 3, I can
successfully boot the partition with 2.6.9

I built the 2.4.32 kernel with lvm support built in, and as a module,
and get the following errors when trying to mkinitrd:

cannot stat lvm2: No such file or directory
cannot stat /sbin/vgwrapper: No such file or directory

The initrd still gets created though, but I think these errors are the
sources of my problems.  /sbin/vgwrapper, as it says, does not exist

Any ideas how to fix these errors?


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