[linux-lvm] FS labels and LVM2

Oliver Tennert O.Tennert at science-computing.de
Wed May 31 12:04:14 UTC 2006

Hi together,

am I wrong or does mount per FS label not work when the filesystem in 
question is located on a logical volume? We're using a 2.6.11 kernel and a 
SUSE 9.3 distro, so it might be just a question of using the most current 

At least, a "mount -a" when a "LABEL=test" entry is in fstab, leads to the 

mount: special device LABEL=test does not exist

But it exists:

localhost:/var/log # xfs_admin -l /dev/mapper/vucf0002vg-fs2
label = "test"

Any idea?

Best regards

Oliver Tennert

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