[linux-lvm] Unable to add new drive to LV

Bryn M. Reeves breeves at redhat.com
Fri Oct 13 16:19:54 UTC 2006

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Klaus Strebel wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> look's like you didn't get the LVM architecture :-(.
> You can't add a drive to a LV, no matter how brand new and shiny it is
> and no matter how deprerate you try.

Hi Klaus,

Looks like you didn't read the mail :-(.

Paul has already added hdd1 as a PV to the ide_disks VG:

>>>   --- Physical volume ---
>>>   PV Name               /dev/hdd1
>>>   VG Name               ide_disks <------------------
>>>   PV Size               149.03 GB / not usable 0
>>>   Allocatable           yes
>>>   PE Size (KByte)       4096
>>>   Total PE              38152
>>>   Free PE               38152
>>>   Allocated PE          0
>>>   PV UUID               XxOREs-3k4B-jhky-lhGD-zQx5-xhE3-HPqG0L

The problem here is that the LV is using striped allocation across 3 PVs:

> root at backup:~# lvextend --size +149G -t /dev/ide_disks/bacula
>   Test mode: Metadata will NOT be updated.
>   Incorrect metadata area header checksum
>   Using stripesize of last segment 4KB
>   Rounding size (147200 extents) down to stripe boundary size for segment 
> (147198 extents)
>   Extending logical volume bacula to 574.99 GB
>   Insufficient allocatable extents suitable for parallel use for logical 
> volume bacula: 147198 required

So, in order to extend it and maintain that allocation, you need to have
3 PVs with sufficient space to allocate three parallel stripes.



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