[linux-lvm] vgcfgrestore -o

Rob Schwartz rschwartz at boscovs.com
Fri Oct 20 02:18:33 UTC 2006

Hey everyone,

I'm having some difficulties... kernel 2.4.19 and lvm 3.0.6.   I'm trying to restore a vg config .   On the cfg backup the original pv was /dev/dasdt1 (PV UUID last digits KgtiDw).  The current pv is /dev/dasdu1 and I mucked up the VGDA on that PV so that it has another PV UUID).  Now I'm trying to fix it... 

 vgcfgrestore -f /etc/lvmconf/vgdata.conf.1.old  --name vgdata -o /dev/dasdt1 -v /dev/dasdu1

vgcfgrestore -- "/dev/dasdu1" may not be an actual physical volume of volume group "vgdata"

Why can't I get LVM to just write the /dev/dasdt1 backup onto the /dev/dasdu1 VGDA??

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