[linux-lvm] Partitiontable destroyed with gentoo installer

Thomas Scheller thomas.scheller at email.de
Sat Sep 2 21:27:33 UTC 2006


I have a 250GB harddisk. I used the whole disk as a PV.

# pvcreate /dev/hdb

and did create a volume group

vgcreate vg_250GB /dev/hdb

and 2 logical volumes

lv_old_system with 50GB
lv_storage with the rest of the disk

then I did copy all the data from the old harddisk to lv_old_system.

With the Gentoo live CD I did then install gentoo linux to the old harddrive.
The gentoo installer did delete the partitiontable on all connected harddrives :-(
So my logicalvolumes are not available anymore.
But vgchange shows that lv_old_system is somehow still available. Can you help me please, to recover that volume?
As I did create the logical volume with the old SuSE 8 installation, which I did overwrite with the gentoo installation, I do not have the metadata backup in /etc :-(

thinkpad ~ # vgchange -v -ay vg_250GB
    Using volume group(s) on command line
    Finding volume group "vg_250GB"
  Logical volume (lv_old_system) contains an incomplete mapping table.
    Wiping cache of LVM-capable devices
  Logical volume (lv_old_system) contains an incomplete mapping table.
  Volume group "vg_250GB" not found
thinkpad ~ # 

Thank you in advance

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