[linux-lvm] Are there any suggestions to trace LVM2 code?

Penguin Lin penguin.taiwan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 11:48:03 UTC 2006

Dear all:

Recently I am interest in LVM2 and keeping on tracing the LVM2 source code,
but it is a actually tough work for a newer like me.

I just traced some userspace code like pcvreate.c, lvcreate.c ... and some
code in ~/lib directory and so on...
There are so mamy code that I don't understand now,
and the information about the LVM internal is really less from google.

Are there any suggestions or documents that can help me fully trace and
underatand the internal of LVM2?
I think these suggestions will be also useful when I trace the device-mapper

Thanks for all advice.


by Penguin.Lin
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