[linux-lvm] LVM on RAID

Roger Lucas roger at planbit.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 22:03:11 UTC 2006

I've run LVM on top of hardware raid (Areca SATA system with 8 drives in
RAID-6) as well as LVM on top of software RAID-1 and RAID-5  (both IDE and
SATA).  LVM has been no less reliable in this configuration than in any
other.  IMHO, running LVM over RAID makes absolute sense.  My preferred
installation on a Linux box is to run s/w RAID-1 or RAID-5 with LVM on top
and boot directly into an LVM root partition with initrd.  I put a small
(64MB) boot partition on each drive in the RAID array with an identical boot
image and then any drive can boot into the kernel + initrd and start the
RAID+LVM+root.  I've never tried it with more sophisticated RAIDs such as
your Fibre or SCSI

As always, your mileage may vary, but [IDE|SATA]+[HW|SW]RAID+LVM has worked
very well for me.

- Roger

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> We have several RAID devices (16-24 drive Fiber/SCSI attached RAID) which
> are currently single devices on our 64bit linux servers (RHEL-4, core5).
> We are considering LVM'ing 2 or more of the RAID's into a LVM group. I
> don't doubt the reliability and robustness of LVM2 on single drives, but I
> worry about it on top of RAID devices.
> Does anyone have any experience with LVM on to of RAID volumes, positive
> or negative?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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