[linux-lvm] LVM on RAID

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at itg.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 20 14:48:21 UTC 2006

I should have been more clear. I'm not worried about LVM on one RAID. My 
questions is specifically about creating an LVM volume group ACROSS two 

For example, we have a 64bit linux server, with two different RAID devices 
attached to the host via Fiber. These RAID's are each 4TB volumes. The 
RAID is attached as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. What I'm asking about is 
creating a LVM volume group, and joining /dev/sda AND /dev/sdb to that 
same volume group, creating the lv of 8TB (minus overhead of course), and 
then creating a filesystem on that lv. A 8TB filesystem, which is spanned 
(via LVM) across both RAID's.

Does anyone here do that? Reading all the reply's I realize I wasn't clear 
enough about that, and neither was anyone's responses.


On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, Matthew B. Brookover wrote:

> I have used LVM on top of software raid and ISCSI.  It works well.  It
> also helps keep track of what device is where.  ISCSI does not export
> its targets in the same order, some times sdb shows up as sdc....   LVM
> will keep track of what is what.
> Matt
> On Tue, 2006-09-19 at 16:53 -0500, Alexander Lazarevich wrote:
>> We have several RAID devices (16-24 drive Fiber/SCSI attached RAID) which
>> are currently single devices on our 64bit linux servers (RHEL-4, core5).
>> We are considering LVM'ing 2 or more of the RAID's into a LVM group. I
>> don't doubt the reliability and robustness of LVM2 on single drives, but I
>> worry about it on top of RAID devices.
>> Does anyone have any experience with LVM on to of RAID volumes, positive
>> or negative?
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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