[linux-lvm] pvs and pvscan does not show my PV's

Bernard Fay bernard.fay at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 19:29:55 UTC 2006


I have created 28 linux-lvm partitions on 7 disks ( 4 linux-lvm partitions
per disk).  pvs or pvscan shows no physical volume unless a PV is assigned
to a VG.  If a PV is assigned to a VG, pvs or pvscan will show this PV but
none of the unassigned PV's.  Also, if I do for example,  pvscan
/dev/sde[1234], pvscan will show the 4 PV's.

>From another system, I know if I do pvscan it will show me all PV's,
assigned or unassigned.

Does someone can tell my why on my actual system pvs or pvscan does not list
the PV's?

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