[linux-lvm] How to rescue data from Fedora system "inside" lvm-disk?

Erik Starbäck erik.starback at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 13:21:48 UTC 2006


I have a half physically broken (shaky at least)  hard disk with
Fedora Core 4 with default disk layout (which means lvm-system).

I installed a new Fedora Core 5 on a new disk to rescue as much as
possible of the data of the old disk.

I was super confused about the LVM-stuff and was acting so very
bad.... I started to fiddle with stuff I wasn't in control of... Damn!

I think the only thing I actually did was this:

vgcreate temp /dev/hdd2

and hdd2 was the only physical volume.

I got super scared and I am now super afraid I have made it impossible
to rescue anything. I stopped every kind of activity.

Please. Can someone tell me if I can rescue the data?
I did a more controlled test after with two fresh disks. And with that
setup I realized the only thing I should have done was this:

lvchange -ay VolGroup00

then everything should have worked like a charm.... but instead I
started to fiddle.

Please, please say that I can save the data!

I tried to simulate my situation (with another disk) after I got the
above solution to work. I tried to  do:

vgcreate temp /dev/hdd2

but it didn't work.... so that confused me some, becuse I am almost
sure that was the only thing I did with my broken disk.


Perhaps something was fucked up bye the fact that I had the same
volume configuration (and names) with hda and hdd when I did my first

Thanks for every kind of input!

Erik S

erik at starback.se


Erik Starbäck
Harpsund, Slänten
640 31 Mellösa

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