[linux-lvm] Help, lv status inactive Original and inactive Snapshot

bowen zheng linuzboy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 13:29:21 UTC 2006

Everything seems to work fine. But I found this

shell> lvscan
  /dev/diskvg/lvsnapshot: read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error
  inactive Original '/dev/diskvg/rootlv' [2.92 GB] inherit
  inactive Snapshot '/dev/diskvg/lvsnapshot' [100.00 MB] inherit

How can I active the rootlv and lvsnapshort. And what does the inactive mean?

When I mount the lvsnapshort, and backup it. It always shows many IO
errors (both use tar and rsync).  How do I backup the lvsnapshort.


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