[linux-lvm] Help, lvm2 snapshot and XFS , using xfs_freeze to do this, but then lvcreate hang.

David Brown lvm at davidb.org
Wed Sep 27 16:49:57 UTC 2006

Steve Feehan wrote:

> Are you saying that the lvcreate command literally executes xfs_freeze
> when used on a volume that happens to contain an XFS filesystem? Or
> that creating a snapshot is equivalent to using xfs_freeze?

Not literally, but the freeze/unfreeze is done by the dm driver in recent
kernels.  If your systems hangs on with the xfs_freeze -f, then you have a
kernel with this feature.  Just 'xfs_freeze -u' to allow the snapshot to be
created, and then continue to create the mirrors without a manual freeze.


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