[linux-lvm] clvmd cman and co by a noob at clustering

jmfaidy at aic.fr jmfaidy at aic.fr
Mon Apr 16 14:31:37 UTC 2007

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to configure a cluster architecture, but i encounter some issues.
I'm doing this on a dom0 2.6.18-1.2798.fc6xen.
My goal is to use xen-heartbeat-clvmd-iscsi-drbd.
First, i can't start clvmd, thr message is : "clvmd could not connect  
to cluster manager"
So, if i don't mistake, the cluster manager should be cman ? I hope i'm true.
So I try to start cman, here is one of the message i have :

"Starting cluster:
    Loading modules... done
    Mounting configfs... done
    Starting ccsd... done
    Starting cman... failed
cman not started: Local host name resolves to; fix  
/etc/hosts before starting cluster. /usr/sbin/cm
an_tool: aisexec daemon didn't start
but sometimes i have some other message, like "node have no node id  
while i have the <nodeid="1"> in cluster.conf xml file.

I'm sur i've miss some thing to do to configure everything.
It would be great if someone have a hint for me...
have a nice day.


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